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Wilson Audio Premium Speakers

Wilson Audio Masterpieces: Delving Deep into the Craftsmanship and Innovation of Their Flagship Models in Pottstown, PA and Beyond

Wilson Audio Premium Speakers

Wilson Audio Masterpieces: Delving Deep into the Craftsmanship and Innovation of Their Flagship Models in Pottstown, PA and Beyond


Alexia V

Experience the Pinnacle of Sound with Alexia V: A Testament to Excellence and Innovation

Wilson Audio Announces Alexia V

Unveiling the Alexia V, Wilson Audio reaffirms its relentless pursuit of pioneering sound technologies. As they marked significant milestones with Alexx V® and the Alexia® Series 2, our engineers embarked on a mission to revolutionize and elevate the Alexia's sonic performance for your home in the Pottstown, PA area. The outcome? A staggering thirty areas of enhancements that solidify Wilson Audio's position at the forefront of sound innovation.

Form Follows Function

The Alexia V represents a leap in sound engineering, from the high-frequency management of the CSC Tweeter to the expertly designed V-material enclosure. By adopting the advanced X-Material and making strategic enhancements to internal bracing, we're pushing the boundaries of sound quality.
alexia v speaker

Acoustic Diodes

Experience sound as never before with the Alexia V's state-of-the-art acoustic diodes, designed to maximize clarity and minimize distortion.


With the Alexia V, precision meets innovation. Advanced leveling mechanisms guarantee unparalleled sound projection.

CSC Tweeter

The Alexia V features our groundbreaking CSC Tweeter, a beacon of our commitment to unparalleled high-frequency clarity.

QuadraMag Mid

Alexia V's revamped midrange introduces the innovative QuadraMag technology, merging sound frequencies for a transcendent auditory journey.

Enclosure Volume

The result of tireless innovation, the Alexia V's enclosure stands as a testament to our passion for perfecting sound purity.


Building upon decades of research, the Alexia V's crossover epitomizes seamless sound frequency transitions, setting a new standard in audio experience.

Sasha V

Discover Sasha V: Elevate Your Listening Experience with Unmatched High-Frequency Detail

Material DNA

In our relentless drive for innovation, the Sasha V strategically employs V-Material, renowned for unmatched vibration control. This commitment to innovation and quality is consistent across our range, from the high-end Alexx V to the Alexia V.

High-End AudioCap Copper Capacitors

The newly introduced copper variant of the AudioCapX-WA capacitor premiering in the Sasha Velevates high-frequency micro detail,. These capacitors, combined with the refined crossover topology of the Sasha V, set a groundbreaking standard for low-level resolution in audio playback systems. This innovation underscores a commitment to delivering unparalleled sound clarity and detail in every listening experience.

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    Premium Ingredients

    Crafted from superior conductive metals, Wilson Audio's multi-connector binding posts ensure unparalleled connection stability, moving beyond traditional loudspeaker standards.
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    The woofer's rear has a flush-mounted bubble level for easy installation leveling. External cables use the Wilson Audio spade, seen in Chronosonic XVX, Alexx V, and Alexia V. The sleek staircase alignment block simplifies time alignment adjustments.
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    CSC Tweeter

    Wilson Audio's Convergent Synergy Carbon (CSC) Tweeter, first used in Alexx V, enhances high-frequency range and linearity. Integrating the CSC tweeter with midrange and woofers boosts Sasha V's sound quality. This carbon fiber chamber is 3D-printed in-house.
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    Seamless integration between tweeter and midrange is crucial for authentic sound. Wilson Audio's 7-inch AlNiCo QuadraMag midrange pairs perfectly with the CSC tweeter in Sasha V, thanks to expert R&D.
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    Sasha V's crossovers, hand-made at Wilson Audio, use top-tier components. To prevent sound compression caused by printed circuit boards, Wilson Audio meticulously handcrafts point-to-point connections for optimal sound quality.
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    Acoustic Diodes

    Experience revolutionary sound control with the Sasha V's Wilson Audio Acoustic Diodes, a groundbreaking vibration control system.

Sabrina X

Experience the New Standard in Sound. Dive into SabrinaX Today.

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    The SabrinaX is a comprehensive redesign of the beloved Sabrina, one of Wilson's most cherished small floor-standing high-end speakers for decades. The original Sabrina, with its unique blend of musical authority, dynamic resolution, midrange beauty, and a sense of musical "rightness," garnered a devoted following. Its combination of performance and compact, affordable design made it a favorite Wilson speaker among audiophiles. With SabrinaX, the aim was to retain its charm and technical excellence while enhancing resolution, bass speed, clarity, and overall transparency for your home in the Bensalem, PA area.

  • enclosure sabrina x


    The original Sabrina featured X-Material in its baffle and spike plate. Now, SabrinaX's entire outer enclosure boasts this material. This brings SabrinaX closer to Wilson's long-sought near-silent ideal. The result is music emerging from a deeper silence in SabrinaX, with enhanced bass clarity and transient performance. This improvement offers listeners a heightened "silence between the notes," amplifying Sabrina's rhythm and pace.
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    The Wilson tweeter offers unparalleled clarity, contrast, and musicality, making the MK5 the most genuine and captivating tweeter from the company. Combined with the SabrinaX's sturdier cabinet, the new woofers deliver outstanding dynamic resolution. This synergy results in a swift, articulate midbass and a robust bass foundation, ensuring a balanced and immersive listening experience.
  • sabrina cap


    Wilson began integrating capacitor design in the Chronosonic XVX with the proprietary Wilson AudioCapX-WA, crafted by engineer Vern Credille's team. This innovation was adapted for Wilson's compact floorstander, the SabrinaX. Its crossover now employs a tailored version of the Wilson AudioCapX. This advanced capacitor technology drastically reduces the noise floor, unveiling heightened detail and resolution for listeners and enhancing the overall auditory experience.
  • hardware sabrina x


    The new model adopts the Wilson-designed binding post from the XVX. This post is hand-tightening friendly and offers a banana plug option. This distinctive Wilson Audio connector establishes a new standard in reliability and sonic integrity for high-current connections, ensuring optimal audio performance.

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