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Smart Home Technology to Elevate Your Routine


In 1999 a family film was released called Smart House. In it, the Cooper family came to live in a home that could do simple things for them. At the time, technology such as this was a far-off dream – a fantasy to so many. 

Now in 2022, smart home technology is a reality in many different ways for so many homes. This technology can be as simple as using a touch screen to turn off lights or allowing the thermostat to adjust the temperature based on its readings of the house. Some homes are even fully automated. 

Discover what can today’s technology do to help you in your life.

What is a Smart Home Routine?

In today’s world, there is a technological shortcut for anything. We all use smartphones and smart TVs in our homes. A simple solution can connect all these separate devices and create a routine to elevate your daily efficiency.

Put simply, a routine can be created with a smart device that connects all technology within the home together. The device operator can push a button or say a specific command that would activate any routines set in place.

A routine can involve multiple systems or just one system. It depends on your daily actions and how you want to interact with your smart home device. 

Technology That Can Help You Elevate Your Routine

Utilizing a central smart device, such as an Alexa or a phone app, to easily link all your other smart technologies will help you get through your day as seamlessly as possible. We all know that mornings can be hectic and rushed – a perfect opportunity for you to use your smart devices to your advantage.

Creating a routine can get you out the door in a timely fashion without all the chaos of trying to do everything at once. While smart technology can’t yet help gather up children or get lunches made for them, it can still take some of the other guesswork out of your busy start.

Another great thing about automating all your home’s smart technologies is you can access them from anywhere at any time. Automation comes in handy if you leave the house and realize you’ve forgotten to lock the doors or turn off the lights.

Light Settings: Putting your lights on a timer can be extremely helpful when getting up, leaving the house, or returning after a long day. Don’t have time to wrangle up each child from their slumber? Put your lighting system on a routine so it always comes on when the child should be getting up for the day.

Want to relax at the end of the day? Set your lights to a dimmer for the evening and use your device to turn down the brightness to the right ambiance. 

Thermostat: Today’s thermostats are pretty smart when picking up the temperature of the whole house. This means you can create a setting on the device when you set it up that will alter the temperature of your home throughout the day. 

You can allow this device to do it all independently based on your timed settings. Or, you can use your device to alert the device when you want it to be on whichever setting you choose. 

Coffee Pot: Everyone, it seems, needs a good cup of coffee in the morning. If you have a newer coffee machine, it should be able to connect to a smart device for commands such as creating coffee or turning it off. 

It may not seem like a lot, but creating coffee can take unnecessary time out of your already busy morning. And with a suitable machine, you can create settings based on whether your coffee is going into a to-go cup or a stay-at-home mug.

Vacuum Robot: The build-up of dust and dirt on your floors can be overwhelming. Utilizing a robot vacuum cleaner can allow you to set it to complete the task while people are away from home or you are busy with other things such as laundry.

Locks: Some homes even have technology-controlled locks on the doors now. How many times have we either forgotten to lock the doors? Or have we closed the doors while accidentally leaving our keys inside?

Automated locks can help tremendously and save you time when any lock-related scenario happens. If you’ve locked your keys inside the house, a push of a button will open the doors for you to go and grab them. The same goes for forgetting to lock the doors – one button and done.

Cameras: Having security cameras around or outside your home and having access to them anywhere can also tie into your smart home routine. If you know there is supposed to be a delivery at a specific time, you can set an alert on your device to bring up that surveillance at the specified time.

Having remote access allows you to monitor things to keep your family safe. It saves you time by saving you worry.

How Smart Technology Can Help You On Vacation

Have you ever worried about the safety of your home while away on vacation? Have you ever come home from vacation to find that an appliance had failed while you were out?

Both of these issues can be solved with smart home technology. With your smart technology automated, you can still monitor your home while away. Automation gives you access through an app on your phone, which means you can see your home from anywhere.

This way, if something goes wrong, you can alert someone nearby to either check on your home or oversee any repairs that might be needed. The peace of mind this gives you will go a long way in helping you to relax while on vacation.

The Sound Xperience Home Automation Experience

Sound Xperience is here to help you set up any Smart Home Automation you need. From having a secure network to ensuring all your devices are correctly connected – we do it all.

The bottom line is that we want to be sure our customers have peace of mind and run an efficient home. The technology is there to help ease your responsibilities. Sound Xperience is there to help you out every step of the way.

Our experts can come into your home and start by ensuring you have the best network available to support creating a smart home routine. Then we work with you to establish which systems you have, which ones you want, and how you want to utilize them the most.

It’s our job to do all the creative thinking so that you can simply go about your day and create more efficient use of your home’s technology. It may seem overwhelming, but we can do as little or as much as you want to get started. 

With our expertise in smart home automation, including lighting and climate controls and setting up the best TV systems, you are bound to leave an experience with us happy. 

Contact us today to get started!

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